The woods are lovely, dark and deep.
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep.
And miles to go before I sleep.





Heavens Above


Hillman Minx - Heavens Above (1997)

I fallen head to heels for a girl who isn't real
And I am a far, far weaker man than you are
The expression on her face always starts my pulse to race
And I am a far more gullible man than you are

But hey, it doesn't happen everyday
Heavens above...

Miranda Otto on meeting Liv Tyler for the first time


“Liv Tyler, when I first arrived on set I thought, “That’s Liv Tyler, she’s pretty famous.” I’m the sort of person that doesn’t move forward to people and be like, “Hey, I’m your new best friend!” I’m not...

Natalie Dormer Is a Woman We Love

Do you remember the moment you wanted to be an actress, as a career?


My first main job was [Lasse Hallstrm’s 2007 drama] Casanova, and I remember being in one of the taxi speedboats from Venice Airport flying over across the lagoon to be taken to the hotel to start production...

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